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Picture credit: Saul Isaac Photography

Picture credit: Saul Isaac Photography

"Kate allows me to get on with writing knowing that everything else is being handled brilliantly."


Alan MacDonald was born in Watford and now lives a stone’s throw from the River Trent in Nottingham.  After several years acting and directing in a travelling theatre company he turned full time to writing, since when he has written more than 100 books for children as well as scripts for popular children's television series like Horrid Henry and The Tweenies.

Alan is best known for the Dirty Bertie series with illustrator David Roberts, which has over 30 titles in print, has won numerous awards and is translated into 27 languages.  Other series include Ask Oscar, which won the Surrey Libraries Children’s Book Award 2019 and Troll Trouble, which was optioned for film by Twentieth Century Fox.  Alan is also writer of the picture book Prince of Pants, illustrated by Sarah McIntyre, which was shortlisted for the Laugh Out Loud (Lollies) Awards 2017 and the Sheffield Book Award.


Alan MacDonald has written more than 100 books for children, some of which are: Dirty Bertie Spider! Stripes, 2019;  Pirates Don’t Go to School,  Little Tiger Press, 2019; Oscar and The Catastrophe, Egmont, 2018; Oscar and the Dognappers, Egmont, 2018; Ask Oscar, Egmont, 2018; Dirty Bertie Mascot!, Stripes2017; Dirty Bertie Disco!, Stripes, 2017; Angela Nicely Starstruck!, Stripes, 2017; The Prince of Pants, Scholastic, 2016; 2016, Dirty Bertie Monster!, Stripes, 2016; Dirty Bertie Fame, Stripes, 2016; Dirty Bertie Fame, Stripes, 2016; Angela Nicely Cupcake Wars, Stripes, 2016; Dirty Bertie Jackpot, Stripes, 2015;  Superhero School Alien Attack!, Bloomsbury, 2015; Dirty Bertie Aliens! Stripes, 2015; Angela Nicely Puppy Love, Stripes, 2015; Angela Nicely Superstar, Stripes, 2014; Dirty Bertie Rats!, Stripes, 2014; Dirty Bertie Smash!, Stripes, 2014; Angela Nicely Queen Bee, Stripes, 2014; Angela Nicely, Stripes, 2013; Dirty Bertie Zombie!, Stripes, 2013; Dirty Bertie Dinosaur!, Stripes, 2013; Dirty Bertie Toothy!, Stripes 2013; Dirty Bertie Scream!, Stripes, 2012; Dirty Bertie Pirate!, Stripes, 2012; Dirty Bertie Pong!, Stripes, 2012; Trolls Go Home (Troll Trouble), Bloomsbury, 2007.



“Guaranteed to make little children giggle."

The Guardian

"Lots of grime, plenty of chaos…great fun!"


“I knew it would be good!”

Young reviewer in The Guardian

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Roald Dahl was the author who made me want to write books for children. I love the anarchic energy of his stories and the way they make you want to read right to the end.


From my first meeting with Kate I knew she was the right agent to represent me and I’ve never considered looking anywhere else.  She allows me to get on with writing knowing that everything else is being handled brilliantly. 


Alan’s books are timeless, warm, funny and relatable.  Whether he’s describing a talking dog, a family of trolls moving in next door, or Bertie’s next wheeze, he captures readers’ imaginations and hearts.  My kids grew up loving his books, which will be classics for years to come.