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"Kate’s easy to talk to, totally upfront and really knows her business."


Chrissie grew up in Essex where she spent much of her childhood pretending that she was Indiana Jones and is a highly experienced cushion walker (little known skill of hopping across the floor on cushions in case of lava sharks).

Chrissie has worked as a marketing and events planner, a chalet host, a ski guide and a (pretty rubbish) dry-stone wall builder. She now loves turning the daydreams of her childhood into stories. She is a graduate of the Golden Egg Academy and a member of the SCBWI.

Chrissie enjoys hiking up the fells of the Lake District and skiing down the mountains of the French Alps. She lives in Essex with her husband, two bookworms and two rabbits.





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I’ve been inspired by many authors, (Roald Dahl, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Charlotte Bronte, Joan Aiken to name a few) but it all started with Jayne Fisher. She was published at age nine with the Ladybird series, The Garden Gang. She inspired eight-year-old me to begin my writing career, determined that I too would be a published author at the age of nine. I didn’t quite make that… but it’s definitely where the journey began.


Kate read my manuscript as part of the first look deal with the Golden Egg Academy. When she asked to meet me, I was absolutely thrilled, albeit a little nervous. I needn’t have been, Kate’s enthusiasm and warmth put me at ease very quickly and I knew that she was the right agent for me.

chrissie ABOUT KATE

Kate is a whirlwind of positivity, energy and fun. She’s easy to talk to, totally upfront and really knows her business. Most of all, Kate always has your back. I feel incredibly lucky to work with her.

KATE ABOUT chrissie 

Chrissie’s submission was full of fun and humour and had such a strong child’s voice that I couldn’t wait to meet her. I wasn’t disappointed, especially with the way she responds to editorial feedback and respects the challenges we face together in this wonderful business.