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“Writing can be a solitary path but with Kate I have always felt like I’m on the winning team.”


Throughout her childhood and geeky teenage years Holly Smale had one dream: to become a writer.  There followed two unexpected years as a fashion model, and two English degrees, before Holly could return to her dream.

Now a hugely successful author, Holly’s teen fiction series Geek Girl has sold more than 3.4 million copies worldwide in 29 languages and won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize Best Teen Book.

Holly’s brilliant new series The Valentines was launched in 2019.


Happy Girl Lucky (The Valentines), HarperCollins, 2019; Forever Geek (Geek Girl 6), HarperCollins, 2017; Sunny Side Up (A Geek Girl Special), HarperCollins, 2016; Head Over Heels (Geek Girl 5), HarperCollins, 2016; All Wrapped Up (A Geek Girl Special), HarperCollins, 2015; All that Glitters (Geek Girl 4), HarperCollins, 2015; Geek Drama (for World Book Day), HarperCollins 2015; Picture Perfect (Geek Girl 3), HarperCollins, 2014; Model Misfit (Geek Girl 2), HarperCollins, 2013; Geek Girl, HarperCollins, 2013.



“The high priestess of teenage fiction.”

Daily Telegraph 

“Warmth, comedy, smarts.”

The Observer

“A must read.”

The Times


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My love of stories was cemented at a very early age by Enid Blyton: she convinced me of the power of books, of escape, of imagination, and I knew immediately that I wanted to spend my life trying to create a little of that magic too.


For Kate, I thank the alphabet. I was twenty-five, unemployed and clueless. I’d spent years writing but I was terrified and unsure. I had two manuscripts, but couldn’t find the courage to send either of them out. 

So I turned it into a game. I got The Writers and Artists Yearbook and decided to “race” my manuscripts against each other: sending one from A to Z through the list of agents and the other from Z to A. 

Kate worked for Alexander Aitken; my journey stopped at A.


It was Kate who turned me from a hopeful, idiotic upstart into a real writer. She believed in me and encouraged me to start seeing writing as a career I might genuinely have a shot at. 

In the many years of working with Kate, her passion, loyalty and commitment have never flickered. Writing can be a solitary path but with Kate I have always felt like I’m on the winning team.


When I read the opening of Holly’s first book I had to represent her.  Her brilliance is to combine laugh-out-loud wit and warmth with terrific stories, important themes and amazing characters; characters you want to be, or to love, or to love to hate, or to be related to. Holly also inspires young women and girls to dream, to make great choices, and to laugh, love and maybe mess-up along the way. I’m so proud to represent Holly and to know her.